The entertainment arm of the GoldenCity group is into the business of ensuring that creativity and skills are harnessed and supported to acclaim status to the benefit of the individual, the society and the nation at large.

We are not only concerned about the possibilities involved in the initiative we are engrossed with the effectiveness of its actualization.

We are incorporated with graded standards, to boost quality in delivery of services ranging from audio and video recording/editing, artist management, supply/installations, maintenance and consultancy. We delight in having a team of dedicated employees and believe in empowering the world through providing a more efficient environment.

We link agencies with clients, traders with buyers and using our brand as a platform for ease in networking. We stand with the request to work with your esteemed organization.

The GoldenCity Entertainment company also known as GEC, is leading the Urban Music revolution and re-energizing inspirational African music. It is home to the pioneering gospel revolution group ‘PS Crew’, as well as other Word based Acts.

GEC is impacting the industry in all spares while keeping its identity and showing the importance of social responsibility. Founded in 2012 with its base in Abuja, Nigeria and posses the capacity to include a Management, a production house, Music Publishing, and owns 100% of its catalogue.

Our key Features

Our Vision & Our Passion


Our Goals

To be a leader in the delivery of music and entertainment services that best understands and satisfies the service needs of her clients – globally.


Our Mission

The company’s mission is focused on six core aspirations in which we continually strive to achieve:

  • Leadership: building a chain-system of supply and satisfying a wide range of clientele both within the national market and on a global pedestal.
  • A brand of choice: expanding the brand-reach to the eye of the clients, expanding presence in direct selling as well as recognition of service and support.
  • Premier recording company: taking the gains of working with our company to greater heights and hereby making it easy and rewarding to be affiliated to us.
  • Best place to work: elevate the company’s leadership qualities including its high standards, respect for diversity and commitment to helping associates and clients achieve their highest potential in a positive work environment.
  • Dedication to growth: we would want to have artist who are productive and efficient in all musical spares.


Core Values

We maintain core values of trust, respect, belief, humility and integrity.


Why Us?

How we work is simple; we try to locate, understand the clients’ problems, proffer an appropriate solution(s), find corporate partners and undertake the required solutions to avail the client with a simplified pedestal for sustained growth.


Happy Clients

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Amazing Experience

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Our Team

Nancy CHQ

Artist Management

John O.


Precious Neon

Brand Manager

Nonso Emmanuel

Legal ESQ.

Chris Tryce

Managing Director


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